What is LugLess luggage?

Lugless luggage is an easy-to-use application that helps you find the best rates for shipping your luggage. It is a search engine api specifically driven for shipping luggages in an easier and more affordable way. Rather than checking in your luggages on your flight. And anticipating additional costs of fees,now you can ship them ahead of schedule towards your destination while saving money. 

You can consider lugless luggage as a price comparison for UPS and FedEx.
As Implied from their website, they will be adding additional carriers in the following months to come.  Pack everything and still Travel light

Their goal was to make the traveling experience much easier. Imagine having the capacity to send your luggage to your destination before you arrive there. All you would have to do now is just board your plane and once you get to your hotel or Resort destination your luggage is waiting for you. You no longer have to be in crowded areas like the baggage claim or have to go through the process of dealing with unnecessary stress or delays.

How much does Lugless cost?

So the first question that comes to my mind when dealing with a new business or service is how much is it going to cost?

In order to understand how the search engine works I did a small calculation of 3 different shipments. I kept all the luggage the same size and a one way trip from New York to LA. The only thing I changed was the date Of arrival to Los Angeles.

As you can see from the data table below I calculated a package being sent out Next day, 3 months, in five and a half months. Just to give you an idea of how the tool saves you money,  consider the next day delivery which costs $92.99 with the UPS carrier. And  I compare it  to UPS.com from the image underneath this table.

You can see the difference in price from $248, $216, and $206, for next day delivery through UPS directly.

Here are the results:

Actual Weight (lb)TimeFrameDimensions (in)CostCarrier
18 lbNext Day22 x 14 x 9$92.99UPS
18 lb3 Months 22 x 14 x 9 $29.99
18 lb5 1/2 Months 22 x 14 x 9 $29.99

From the Table above next day shipping comparison: Let’s go back to that next day shipping situation that happens to everyone who doesn’t anticipate it to happen.

Here are the results: 


Now that you have a better Idea of the saving power that this tool has for travelers. You can try out their Calculator, but before you head over there, please read the rest of this review article, since you also want to know the cons of this service since we all know that no business is perfect.

What are you trying to ship with lugless?

What can you ship with Lugless?

You can ship luggage, golf clubs, skis, and send packages to your college kids. Aside from getting you the best prices, it takes the hassle-away from having to carry unnecessary weight. 

Don’t ship everything with Lugless

As I looked at their website I noticed that the majority of things that they promote to ship are items that are replaceable. Digging a little bit deeper, I found that there are a couple of items you should never ship. 

  • Family heirlooms
  • Items with sentimental value
  • Items that exceed the $700 insurance coverage
  • Items that cannot be replaced

Can you trust LugLess?

Yes, you can trust lugless as long as you Send your luggage ahead of time.  Make sure that your item is covered through their insurance policy for any damages or loss cases. Listed below are some pros and cons that I was able to find for lugless luggage. 


  • They do find you the Cheapest Price
  • They can ship almost every item that you can think of
  • They use already known Brands (UPS | FedEx)
  • You can skip Baggage Claim at the Airport
  • You can Price Check your luggage or Package
  • You can have door to door delivery
  • You can have luggage be sent to drop off point
  • Trustpilot Reviews are updated
  • They have YouTube Videos Tutors


  • Customer care seems to be an issue
  • They only cover $700 max Value of your item
  • Shipping time frame in advance

Why is LugLess cheaper?

Aside from what the INSIDER reported as the reason.

“Shipping for carry-on size bags starts at $39; regular-sized bags go for $59; and oversized bags ship for $99.

Some airlines charge upwards of $50 for the second checked bag and upwards of $75 for the third and fourth, according”, INSIDER

I can only assume that they purchase cargo space at a wholesale price, something like Hotels.com. Where they have purchased rooms at a wholesale price with a 3 month anticipation of getting those rooms booked before time expires.

So even though the Insider just gave us prices, the question of why was never answered. However, I can not support why they are so cheap. But only say that purchasing anticipated cargo space can give them the discount power to get such great rates.

How Does Lugless Work?

Once you are ready to ship your luggage, you can start the Process of identifying what weight and height your item corresponds with, and to make the process easier Lugless has created “how to LugLess videos” on YouTube.

  • How to calculate billable weight
  • How to attach your labels

Who is this Service Tool for?

It is for travelers who want to save time with the TSA process and save money doing so.

For sending packages to college kids or trips to a ski resort.

And as to what items you should send comes down to the value coverage, which is $700 Max reported by a complaint in the BBB.

Therefore, I would ship items that are replaceable and have no personal sentiment.


Keep in mind that this is a tool that gives you the lowest rate from two familiar brands.

Never send items that hold a personal sentiment or that are valued more than the insurance coverage that Lugless or any company can cover.

Read or ask before you purchase.

Keep in mind that this is a tool that gives you the lowest rate from two familiar brands.

Never send items that hold a personal sentiment or that are valued more than the insurance coverage that Lugless or any company can cover.

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