The world is an adventure waiting for you to come to discover. Perhaps you travel alone because your friends can’t accompany you or because you enjoy moments of solitude that traveling in a group doesn’t offer.

Perhaps you have a personal list of travel destinations and are struggling to find a travel companion who is as passionate as you are about the places you have on your list. It is a great idea to find Facebook Groups with ex-pats in the groups since they are already traveling and who is to say that you only are allowed one traveling partner. In this new age, you can check your new traveling partner’s profile and know something about them. See if they have gone to some of the same travel destinations as you. This can be an ice breaker.

We do caution, some type of restrain to the extent of your research on your traveling partner, you want to leave a little mystery for the trip.

A great destination for those looking for a variety of adventures.

Definitely check out these destinations that welcome solo travelers.


  • Many travelers do go to this country alone. From sunny beaches to snorkeling to the excitement of big cities, Australia offers unlimited options for the solo traveler. There are also private rooms and apartments available so you can save money and live comfortably when you travel. 


  • Thailand is a welcoming place for solo travelers, and Bangkok in particular is a fantastic place to travel alone. However, you will find that you won't find yourself feeling lonely there for long due to the sheer number of fantastic people you will meet. Hiking trails are among the many activities that you can enjoy in this country. 
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  • Tanzania has many rich experiences that await the solo traveler. A safari is a must, but there are plenty of other great adventures like hiking Kilimanjaro. Both places have a lot of companies. They offer group tours. The people who live there are very warm and make you feel at home.



  • Ireland is a fun country for people who want to travel alone. It is normal for women to be there alone, and there is no language barrier to make the trip a bit more manageable. Even strangers are kind and those who are. Ireland is happy to help with any instructions or ideas on what to do next. Take some time to immerse yourself in the beautiful Irish countryside and be sure to check out a few pubs during your stay.


  • Japan is a beautiful country full of wonderful experiences. People are known for their hospitality, and you will have no trouble finding help when you need it. Visit the temples and museums there and enjoy delicious food.
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  • In general, Spain is another place, and solo travelers are not without a place when looking in Spain. If you travel alone, hotels will usually offer you a reasonable price, but not all countries/regions can offer this affordable price. Spain has many short-term and long-term study holidays, which makes it great to meet others on your journey and if you make studying abroad in Spain one of your destinations, then this makes it a great place to travel alone.

Traveling alone is an experience that will help you learn more about yourself, help you feel good about yourself, and gain a new self-confidence that will always stay with you. Try at least one of the places on this list if you want to learn more about the world and have a wonderful and memorable time on your trip.


The Pros and Cons of Solo Travel 

When multiple people are asked about their interests, a large percentage will put travel high on the list. Many people only consider traveling with someone else and do not prefer traveling alone. 

Traveling alone is a source of pride and joy. Here are some of the pros and cons of traveling alone.


Pro – Being able to Choose all the details of the trip. 

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to create the perfect vacation of your dreams. You travel alone, you can do what you want and avoid anything that you don't like. This is especially useful when you are short on time and money.

Going on vacation with a friend can mean a lot of commitments and time plus money spent on things you or they are not interested in. Travel alone for the ultimate self-centered time of exploration and adventure for 2021 is the right thing to do. 


Con- Safety Risks while on a solo journey 

One of the first things a person should often think of when they travel solo is safety. Remember that friend you left for this solo trip? If they were with you, then they could have been your wingman or girl, by keeping an eye on a compromising situation or keeping you safe from creepy individuals who may prey on single travelers. Thank you for Tech like Telegram or Whatsapp, which track your location just in case you need it.

This is something that most solo travelers have carefully considered. But thank god you have Reviewments to guide you.

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Pro – Meeting new people on  your trip 

Traveling with a friend means you will always have someone to talk to. However, Traveling alone means you will be forced to make friends when you want to chat if you are not a people person. Sometimes traveling alone can be the ideal situation to get you out of your comfort zone and spice up your life. You never know if you will find Mr. or Ms. Right…  


Con – I don't have anyone to brainstorm with. 

Traveling takes a lot of planning and thinking. Traveling alone means that you devote a lot of time to planning this trip. When you are in the middle of your journey and have a travel partner, there are important decisions you can discuss before taking action. However, if you're like me, we need to brainstorm our ideas out loud, and since we are going solo on this one, we need something to bounce our ideas off of.

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Therefore, we write down a list of what we consider a big choice and something we consider a no-brainer. This can give us time to consider our big choice ahead of time. And by then and through the course of your travel you have already leaned toward what you want to do.  


Pro – Take a Complete Break from Everyday Life 

Traveling alone gives you the opportunity to relax from the daily drama of everyday life. Yet if you travel with a partner, it is impossible to leave this behind completely, since most friends bring up the conversation of situations you rather leave behind just for this trip. And even more so if your friend is a social media post groupie, who needs to know what others are doing, instead of just enjoying and discovering the journey.

Unless of course, they are reading this post, which makes it okay. Let them slide this once.

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Con – Not sharing can cost you more 

Sharing the cost of hotel rooms and the likes can save you more when traveling in groups.  When traveling alone, certain situations mean that you will pay almost twice what you would pay if you brought a travel companion with you. Take these additional financial costs into account when deciding whether to travel alone or with other people. 


Pro – Learning More About Yourself 

When we are with people we are comfortable with, we often fall into our usual type of way. Traveling alone forces you to learn, to consider, to explore, to defend, to love differently. Now Instead of asking your friend what they want to do next, you think about what you really want to do.

You will discover what you want to try and what you love enough to do it again.

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Traveling Alone has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. When making this decision, consider the pros and cons. And we hope that this article has given you something to help you on your Travels. Remember whether you are traveling alone or in a group, you now know what to expect. And we expect to like and share. At least on this article journey.

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