Since of April of 23, 2021 Telegram has really up their game with payment 2.0 that allows you to charge within the chat it's self. This seems to be the future of chat sales. They also have something called Voice Scheduling. Mini Profile in Voice Chat. Which we will get into the details in this article.


What is payment 2.0 for Telegram?

[tie_index]What is payment 2.0 for Telegram?[/tie_index]Imagen being able to connect with a Client in a chat where they order Food, Services, etc. and being able to use Stripe, YooMoney, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, ECOMMPAY, PayMaster, as your payment provider. How is this different from what is already out there? I am sure that Telegram is not reinventing the wheel. But its how they are delivering the process and interaction with the Customer

What are Mini Profiles in Voice Chats for Telegram?

[tie_index]What are Mini Profiles in Voice Chats for Telegram?[/tie_index]Think of them as Instagram Story or Facebook Story where you are able to add a Bio and Photos of content that you would like to display. Which I think is awesome since WhatsApp isn’t doing the same and there is so much happing in a small package.

When I use my Desktop, I found that I can use the Feature that are on this article.  To Download Desktop App: Windows / Mac/ Linux Or MacOS

If you just want to use the basic web app Dark mode or Light Mode


How does Telegram payment 2.0 work?

  • You have to create a Bot that will present your goods and services to your Group or Telegram Visitors.
  • Your Merchant Bot can be programmed to interact with your Customers via “Inline Queries” (Questions asked to the Bot = @nikeshoes Do you have a discount for today?), and will return “Inline Results” (Answers) in the format of a Sticker, Video Explainer, Music, Locations, Documents, and more…

*Note that you would have to provide these contents to your Bot. They are not automatically created for you, nor is there a side platform to create this content to just implement, which an inhouse canva would be nice.

There is a Tip Jar in every order which is nice to give a few dollars to hard working merchants and staff. Believe me waiting on a table of 8 and not getting a tip suck. But it’s not the number of Clients that walk-in, it’s the client that walks-in.  Anyway, back to our telegram…

They have even added a wheel of future for those customers who are not sure what to purchase, as seen in the images below. On those days where you can’t decide, spin the wheel. Nice…

How to add a payment Channel for your Business with Telegram?

[tie_index]How to add a payment Channel for your Business with Telegram?[/tie_index]Although we are not going to show you a step-by-step guide, here is the Introduction Payment 2.0. You will be able to find the step-by-step process. If you would like a video tutorial, comment below or comment on our Facebook Page & Follow.

What is Scheduled Voice Chats on Telegram?

[tie_index]What is Scheduled Voice Chats on Telegram?[/tie_index]Frist thing that comes to mind is Apples’ Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat. *Note: Even though Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat are not an apple product, they did launch their product in the apple app store. Which for a period they only carted to apple iOS User, they have since launch to Google Play Store!

In the Telegram Voice Chat, you are able to Scheduled a voice meeting with friends a family. If you have a large audience then you will be able to broadcasts with your followers.

*Note: You will have to create a Group or Channel:  Visit our YouTube Channel to see how it’s Done.

From there you will be able to add images to your audience, which I find it backwards, since how would they get the right images for your audience? Unless you ask all of them to send them to you. And I am sure that you don’t want to spend weeks uploading images and contact information.

Which I can understand having the ability to identify via the bios is nice. But the images should be something ManDoe from the start of setting up your account. Comment below, I would like to know your thoughts on this feature.

You will have capacity to start a Voice Chat immediately or schedule it for the time that you would like to broadcast your channel. Just like Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat, your audience will able to participate in the topic of the conversation. Which that is always a show in its own right… Remember conference meeting.

One of the Kool feature is on how your audience can raise their hands to request to speak, it has this aliveness animation that makes it exiting to just want to push the (request to speak) button.

You will notice that all participate are muted and can only listen to the Channel Admin or Group Admin.

What does the desktop Version for Telegram bring?

[tie_index]What does the desktop Version for Telegram bring?[/tie_index]It brings everything that you have on your phone app. Now this isn’t common in the world of desktop app.  Take for example WeChat desktop application, it doesn’t do as nearly as much as the phone app. It only allows you chat and send large images or documents.  However, Telegram brings it all to the desktop for those with phones that don’t have the performance of an iPhone 12 or my latest Samsung Note. So, this is very good for startup Podcast users who want to have platform to showcase their content. Also, not to mention that you will have able to process payments from your Customers. Here are links if you would like to try it out.  Telegram for Windows/Mac/Linux | Telegram for macOS

My 0.2¢: I believe that they have something special here. At one time I use to view them as a knockoff of WhatsApp. However, I can say now that they have created their own Identity. Telegram is the future of Instachat’s, because of all that they have to offer. When you run a Small Business and want to close sales fast and, on the spot, they have found a solution by accepting payments from major merchant processing companies mention above. They have added podcasting more personal and alive. Their zoom images are nice and video playback is fast. Sticker are better the Gif which needs a facelift for 2021.

Leave a comment below, we want to know what you like or dislike about Telegram App.

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