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What low-budget advertisements can I use to promote my business?

[tie_index]Low Budget Advertising[/tie_index]
Hay muchas opciones disponibles en Internet para empezar.
[tie_index]Social Media[/tie_index]Creating a website for Business to showcase your product or services is the most common way. Using different social media platforms is the most common way to promote. But not all Business should advertise their service or product on all or even some social media.

Not all Social Media are the right tools for the job.

If you have a website on a platform like Wix, Shopify, Ucraft, it is crucial to add it to Google Search Console.
Doing so will make your website available for people looking
When visitors are on your website, they can view your goods and services. Make sure your site has an action request. Meaning that your website should pedir la venta.
Palabras clave de la acción: Claim your Discount! | Learn More | Schedule Here | Talk with John| Add to Cart | and so on.
If your site does not have Palabras clave de la acción, then we recommend WpLynks y haz que revisen tu sitio de forma gratuita.  

El vídeo mató a la estrella de la radio no siempre es así

[tie_index]Radio [/tie_index]Online Radio Stations can offer a good price to advertise. Check the price on their non-peak hours. Reach out to your local radio station and ask for their rates and how to get a discount. Exchange promotes; add their logo to your website in exchange for a discount. This can create a great relationship.
Try your local television station, and ask for their rate on their non-prime hour slot. Note: most starts after 12 am. Always compare prices by contacting a few local tv stations to make that you are getting the best deal. Once again, ask them if there is something that your business can offer for a discount, it never hurts to negotiate…

Los directorios en línea son siempre un éxito

[tie_index]Online Directories[/tie_index]Online Directories help your online business through SEO. Some of the most known are Páginas amarillas o Yelp. As you know Yelp allows Clients to create reviews on their platform. Yet, there are extra sites that you can use to add your business details to get you noticed by local prospects. 
  • Bark  diferentes categorías
  • Tienditasv For all types of Products and all types of business
Please keep in mind that adding your Business information is free. Yet, you will encounter a call from Home Advisor, Thumbtack, bark, Angie’s List, asking you to buy leads. We don’t recommend this unless you have a strong sales team.
The good side is that your business information is available on these well-known websites.
Google my Business will never call you. Yet they do call when you have an e-commerce website and you are starting to add your products to their catalog. Comment below if you would like an article on how to get google products listed. is classified that we love for our products since they don’t charge and will never call you. They never sell your data and use Facebook signin to get you started. 

Do newspapers still have readers?

[tie_index]Newspapers[/tie_index]Depending on the age group that you want to reach, you can still use ads for like let’s say,  baby boomers. Newspapers can get your business information out there. Choose a newspaper in your local area. Classifieds are a low-budget advertisement avenue for your business. Ask if they have special offers. Find out in detail about the pricing structure for the size of the advertisements. The number of words and font size.

¿Tiene su tarjeta de visita a mano? 

[tie_index]Business Card[/tie_index]Even though psychical business cards don’t seem to be handy anymore. What about sending your Business contact information without being too personal? 
Puedes usar Hihello and click save contact and add to contacts all in one step. You will get a .vcf file that will connect your information to an outlook or to a Gmail account. Try Hihello and comment below and tells what you think… 


¿Sus clientes actuales hablan de su empresa? 

[tie_index]Current Customers[/tie_index]Aside from all the Social Media plataformas que puedes utilizar para publicar todo el día. La única y verdadera low budget advertisementson sus clientes actuales. Sus clientes actuales son los que más influyen en sus nuevos clientes potenciales. Entonces, ¿cómo puede pedir a sus clientes actuales que patrocinen su negocio? 
  • Reviews: It seems easy but makes sure that you look for platforms that don’t ask for too much information. GMB and Facebook are great since they already have an account with either or… 
  • Mailing-list: Try to Invoice your customer their bills. Since they will open them and it will become your gateway to send two one promotes.
  • Social Media Groups: If you have a store or restaurant. Having Customers join these groups can get your menu of the day to them. And or if you have a clothing store, you can showcase it to them first. (I have watched as a lady in LA went live on Facebook and IG to sell her products to local Neighbors. She had her daughter visit each location. Asking them to join their Facebook group. This may not be something you would do. Yet asking your customer to join your group is a good thing. Make sure you tell them it for VIP Customers and they get first  Dibs on your products.
* Note: Make sure that you have a few days specials ready for customers ahead of time. Most people share images of food. Since they never know what it would like, make sure it looks clean. 
[tie_index]Conclusion [/tie_index] Active Participation in your groups and pages is key for 2021. Please leave a comment below and we would like to hear your thoughts.

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